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Government of Florida 2020
Bereau of Intra Territory Groups and Governmental Citizenships


Establishment of RULE Continuum to
guide administration of Florida.

NATURAL GOVERNMENT (NG) Natural wild lands and ecosystems, seasons, weather, environment, conditions of natural rule by planet or moon settlement, and more. Wildlife equality to rights of man per acre. Earth is billions of years old, and the RULE is older than our star and galaxy, it was present when both were made, including moon and life on earth.
Natural or not natural Governance, conditions of earth and rule interpreted by man for leadership among groups; Survival, townships, cities, and more. (Settlements or spaceships and environment.)

Government of America (NG)
  • United States of (MG)
  • Tribal Nation of (MG)
Government of Florida (NG)
  • State of Florida (MG)
  • Indian Tribal (MG)
  • Micronations (MG)
  • Foreign Land Holders (MG)
  • Domestic Land Holders (MG)
  • City or Town of (MG)

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Welcome to the Natural RULE.

Divisions of Government of Florida
(requirement to form a new state management, in progress)
  • Agency of Territory; Bereau of Land Management
    • Territory Maps
    • Michael.Marley@Tomoka
  • Agency of Roadways and Trails; Bereau of Motion Assisted by Animal or Machines
    • Register your Vehicle
    • Verify Your Vehicle Registration and License
    • Get a Drivers License
  • Agency of Citizenship; Bereau of Intra Territory Groups
    • Apply for Citizenship
    • Declare your citizenship
  • Agency of Cities and Towns; Bereau of Intra Territory Groups and Governmental Citizenships
    • Apply for Citizenship
    • Declare your citizenship
This is used as an interpretation of existing government. To apply the RULE, and measure the governments among men, their technology, and corporations, the reference is being developed. The natural governments have always been, and the natural government of trees and wildlife has been for billions of years, the natural government.

Government of Florida 2020 Become a Citizen

  • Citizen, Archa (seeking place to begin building a city or towwn, establish a homesite for multiple people with defined reasoning.)

Welcome to the Government of Florida, of America.
  • You are a free man by consent.
  • You are permitted to be free, this includes the defense of the skies or waters, soils, life, prosperity agreements, your land, yourself and family, community and more.
  • The government of florida is a belief of natural goverance relative to other men who have various methods of law or adminstration within the same territory, and referencing a government as understood from a natural logic.
  • We do not offer non natural citizenship, we do however, research natural governance and work to convey properly such work. The path to citizenship should be through established channels, including that of the native governments or the estabiished structure for the state of florida for such an achievement.
  • The Governances and the RULE are indicated among those men aspiring to understand multiple governments competing in a single territory, from that learned natural perspective for arguement.
  • This fellow is building a seat of the Elluminous in Florida.
  • Administration.governmentofanarch.com is also available! (Our affiliation with the World Government.
  • The natural RULE is understood by this governor relative to management. GoA Leadership Training, Achievement +1.
This section is used to build the comparative state. The country, is now called Archa.

The agreement of prosperities for NGO, natural government organizations. All life is endowed a right to Environment, life, and perhaps liberties like freedom of action, belief, words, ... that shall not be abridged; until action violates a prosperity agreement. We believe to protect environment and life (Most angel names include EL), but the actions of a person or group have damaged or threatened envirnment and perhaps have taken life among disputes, and have therefore violated a prosperity agreement. It is then arguable in court among men, and further argueable on behalf of animals who can not argue among men, by men or others, willing to do so.

(Check b4 final, should be able to govern the self among others with a limited statement and argue in court most American law.)

Perspectives of Arguement in court

Of construction Group Law

Copyright 2020, Government of Territory, Florida